Explanation of FCU and PU on the RAVEN system

We made some pictures for a better explanations of the fire control unit (FCU) and programming unit (PU) on the RAVEN system.

The FCU uses three magnetic sensors (one for the trigger and two for the selector). Magnetic sensors mean there is zero moving parts and no contact between the trigger and the sensor which means a virtually infinite life span.

That also means that no matter what trigger, selector plate or gearbox you’re using, the FCU will calibrate the end values to match your setup perfectly. No need to modify the selector plate if it’s out of spec. Additionally, the trigger pull is adjustable via the programming unit. If you replace the trigger or selector plate, simply re-do the calibration again, it takes a couple of seconds.

The FCU and PU are also protected with a conformal coating, so they are water and moisture resistant.