Raven - The most advanced HPA engine

Raven is a new and innovative HPA engine which combines electromagnetic actuators with HPA in a simple and robust drop-in system. A completely new internal design adds performance and tunability. Air is used only where it’s most needed, e.g. the firing of the BB, which enables achieving very high air efficiencies.

More shots from one tank

As the nozzle is not air operated, we managed to achieve very low air consumption.

For example: With a 48 cubic inch tank at 3000 psi shooting at 400 fps @ 0.2g (363 mm barrel) you can shoot 6500+ BBs.

Option of 5-position selector

Unique new selector sensing technology together with software enables the use of up to 5 positions on the selector.

The selector sensor self calibrates to work with any combination of selector plate and gearbox shell.

Fully customisable

Independent selector position settings — set each position of the selector individually (full auto, burst, different ROF value, semi-only, etc.).

All the parameters of the engine are adjustable with a simple detachable programming unit.


The trigger and selector are the business end of your replica, so we made them indestructible, as well as the engine itself, which has only two moving parts and one moving o-ring seal.

The FCU sensors have no moving parts, so they can’t wear out. Because the sensors are non-contact, you never have to worry about micro switches breaking.

Extremely quiet

Because of the extremely low air consumption the engine is also very quiet, as there is no residual air when the BB exits the barrel.

On the other hand, if you want your gun to be louder, simply increase the valve open time and add an external amplifier.

Regular software updates

With a simple USB unit, you can connect your replica to a computer and simply update the firmware on the FCU.

We will continue adding new features and you can always update even long after you’ve bought your Raven.

Price: 460 EUR

Where to buy?


We can ship the product anywhere in the world. 
Order online or contact us via info@sparklabs.si.



No risk

For all units sold directly from Slovenia or through HP Airsoft Poland a warranty of 1 year is offered. If you're having any issues with Raven, contact us or HP Airsoft shop directly, we've got you covered.