Wolf - Most Advanced HPA Engine, Improved

Wolf is a new and innovative HPA engine which combines electromagnetic actuators with HPA in a simple and robust drop-in system. Based on the already high performing Raven engine, Wolf is the next level in electromagnetic HPA engines. The nozzle and valve designs have been further improved in order to deliver even better performance in the wider range of applications.

More shots from one tank

Wolf has been designed from the ground up to optimize air efficiency. The nozzle is electro-magnetically actuated, so it uses zero air for cycling. The valve has been specifically designed to not waste any air after the BB exists the barrel, while providing excellent consistency.

For example: With a 48 cubic inch (0.8 L) tank at 3000 psi shooting at 400 fps @ 0.2g you can shoot 6500+ BBs.

Open / closed-bolt operation

Wolf has a completely new nozzle design, which allows it to operate in both open-bolt and closed-bolt modes, user selectable from the external programming unit.

In open-bolt mode, the nozzle is in the rear position and moves forward to load the BB before firing. In closed-bolt mode, the nozzle is in the front position and after the BB is fired, it cycles back to feed the next BB.

Easy installation

Both the engine and the FCU have been designed to be as simple to install as possible.

The FCU sensors self-calibrate to work with different gearbox shells and trigger or selector parts. 

The engine features an adjustable nozzle front-stop, so you can precisely set the nozzle movement to fit your specific hop-up chamber

Completely customisable

Wolf FCU offers independent selector position settings – set each position of the selector individually (full auto, burst, different ROF value, semi-only, and more).

The sensors offer adjustable trigger pull and tunable selector thresholds, so you can set up the Wolf exactly as you want. All of the parameters are easily adjustable with an intuitive detachable programming unit.

Extremely robust

We made the critical parts of engine and electronics indestructible, so you don’t have to worry about anything braking.

The engine has only two moving parts and only one moving o-ring seal. The FCU sensors have no moving parts, so they can’t wear out or break. Additionally, the programming unit has been further protected with a custom 3D printed case.

Easy maintenance

Wolf has only two moving parts and only one moving o-ring seal. This means maintenance requires greasing only one o-ring, which is easily acessible.

The whole engine can be very easily disassembled in the rare case that a part would need to be replaced. All of the tools for engine disassembly are provided in the package.

Extremely quiet

Because of the extremely low air consumption, there is no residual air when the BB exits the barrel, which makes Wolf one of the quietest engines on the market.

On the other hand, if you want your gun to be louder, simply increase the valve open time and add an external amplifier.

Where to get Wolf?

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