Who is behind SparkLabs?

SparkLabs is a brand name for a young company managed by two technology and electronics innovation enthusiasts. Our mission is to create innovative and high performance products for airsoft.

We are both airsoft enthusiasts, fighting tactically on the airsoft battlefields multiple days in a year. All our products are built based on our and experience from other players on the field. Being demanding customers ourselves, we put a lot of effort into making high quality and technically advanced products that we use ourselves in the airsoft battlefield.

The team of two met in 2012 and in the same year we started developing the Raven HPA system. Since then we went through many ideas and revisions to create the advanced and robust system that is Raven. Polde improved his knowledge in mechanical machining and also built his own lathe to help with the production of Raven and other components. Tomaž, being an electronics engineer, developed the advanced electronics driver for Raven and has also separately developed MOSFET units to create one of the smallest and robust units on the market, which were already sold in the hundreds locally.

Tomaž Perčič

The creator of SparkLabs, electronics and programming engineer, also taking care of the business side of the company. Covering all of the electronics development, production and support.

Polde Svetličič

The technology expert, familiar with all the different manufacturing techniques and machines. Being an expert in CNC production, he covers everything between the plan drawings and finished parts.

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